After reading our articles showing you that all body shapes are perfect for pole dancing, you feel more motivated than ever to start, or boost your pole journey, right?
Then comes the crucial question: what to wear for this adventure?

Don’t worry Unicorns, we got your back! More and more brands in the pole industry offer an extended choice of cute, sexy and sportive apparel for truly all body types, shapes and sizes. And here at The Unicorn, we love putting our money on brands that empower all women and men!
To our thinner Unicorns: be ensured that you will find just as much great choices for you with these brands! Cherry on the cake: some of them also have dedicated men’s collection, we don’t forget you male Unicorns!


Artista Apparel – United States

We’re starting our list with this awesome brand, all body inclusive! From dresses, to body suits through rompers… From a classical style to a fantasy one… All models fit all figures. It’s obvious that you will find there your favorite outfit to kick ass in pole class… and everywhere else!

Sizes covered: XS to 3XL
Icing on the cake: has a dedicated men’s collection

Megan Weinzierl, founder of the brand:
Artista Apparel was founded in 2014 and has been size inclusive since the beginning. It’s one of our cornerstone values. We have always offered sizes XS – 3X (roughly women’s 0 – 22) and we always will.

Sheila Lopez, Brand Ambassador:
Artista Apparel is a female-owned business creating a space for women of different body shapes and sizes to be a part of the active wear community, including pole fitness.
I really love the new designs and fabrics Artista has rolled out: it’s edgy, chic, the cuts are flawless and work perfect for different body types. There is a variety of ways you can wear your Artista Apparel and take it from street to chic.


Booty and the Geek – United States

Craving for a Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn or a rockabily-style outfit to fly around the pole? Looking for an original set for your next pole shoot? Don’t look further, here it is!

Sizes covered: XS to 3XL
Icing on the cake: custom order available, a sister line for pets in preparation

Magdalena Fox, founder of the brand:
Booty and the Geek is a collection of spandex clothing, currently offering booty shorts, onesies, skirts, tops and custom garments. Booty and the Geek apparel is unique because of its comfort, design and body-positive message. Each piece is made to encourage you to express your individuality and embrace your fabulous physique!

Chavon Coleman, Brand Ambassador:
Reasons I love Booty and the Geek:
1. The spandex they use is amazing! It has 4 ways stretch which makes all the difference when you don’t want to worry about stuff riding where it doesn’t belong.
2. Customer Service is always on point and they are happy to work with you on a custom piece or altering a preexisting design.
3. Quality! I never have to worry about that as Mags takes great care with each piece she sends out.
4. Originality: Booty and the Geek caters to my not so inner geek and lets me showcase that on and off the pole.
5. Body Positivity: they include models of all colors and body types. I think it’s important for everyone to see themselves in any brand!.


Curvy Fit Apparel – United States

With their motivational taglines celebrating curvy bodies, and their variety of items… Curvy Fit Apparel offers diversity and confidence for all plus-size pole dancers out there. Enough to find happiness!

Sizes covered: XL to 3XL

Jada Hudson, founder of the brand:
Curvy Fit is a Plus Size Pole brand that is representative of how badass and limitless plus size athletes really are. We offer shorts, crop tops, tank tops, leggings, hoodies, bodysuits and other specialty items exclusively in sizes 1X-3X.

Alisya Collins, Brand Ambassador:
Curvy Fit apparel is trendy, reasonably priced, and overall the fit is just right. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I finally found a pair of workout shorts that won’t roll up. My favorite crop top is the burgundy Thick As F**k. Not to mention their leggings are super soft and high waisted.
Overall, I feel even more comfortable, sexy and confident when I wear Curvy Fit.


Derby Skinz – United States

Originally designed for Roller Derby practitioners, Derby Skinz extended their collection to dress dancers, and we love it! From hoodies to body suits through sports bras, the Unicorn that you are will have everything in hand to roll around the pole!

Sizes covered: XS to 3XL
Icing on the cake: custom order available at extra cost

Word from the brand:
Derby Skinz’ athletic apparel is designed for everybody and more importantly every body. While our sizes range from US Adult X-Small through 3X-Large, we know not everybody fits into a standard size. We love working with our clients one-on-one to create the perfect look for them based on their measurements. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Nicole Schauer, happy customer and fan of the brand:
I love that they have so many options to choose from as well as tons of fabric to pick from so you can pick whatever print speaks to you. The Hella Venom leggings are great, they are grippy enough to practice tricks on the pole. I also love the high waisted no string bottoms!
You can also make custom orders, which is nice because not everyone has the same body shape! Their customer service is on point, and the quality and price make my choice an easy one for all of my current and future pole wear needs!


Hoodlum Fang – UK

Another brand originally dedicated to Roller Derby fans. Now their death skulls, wolves, legendary Kraken or other fantastic animals also make pole dancers happy! In this unique style, you’ll be ready to rock this pole!

Sizes covered: S (8-10 UK size) to XL (20-24 UK size)
Icing on the cake: custom size adjusted to your own measurements upon request

Chloe Hood, founder of the brand:
I started branching out into pole dance with Hoodlum Fang about 2 years ago when I fell in love with the sport and started expanding the product range to suit pole dancers of all shapes and sizes. I also discovered I was having the same issue with ill fitting pole clothes so decided to expand my range even further.

Danielle Adams, happy customer and fan of the brand:
I love how comfortable the clothing is. Usually a 14+ is just a larger example of items tailored for the slimmer dancer so it’s rarely flattering whereas Hoodlum Fang have really hit the mark with flattering products. What’s more you can have your outfit 100% customized to your sizing and whatever pattern you could possibly imagine.


Nao Polewear – France

Classical and stylish, this is a solid reference for a sustainable polewear. Their outifts are so flattering, you will want to show your beautiful body everywhere! Cherry on top, this little brand got the luxury to partner with Marion Crampe on an exclusive flattering high waisted short made with velvet (color of your choice). A must-have in your collection!

Sizes covered: XS to XL

Nadège Belloche-Lemarchand, founder of the brand:
Nao Polewear was created in 2015. When I discovered pole dance, I immediately fell in love and soon looked for outfit for my practice. But I did not find any brand for curvy bodies! Since this is my profession, I decided to launch my own brand dedicated to all women and bodies, from the thin ones to the curvy ones. Today, I’m so happy to receive messages from women proud to pole dance and proud to feel themselves in their Nao Polewear outfit! I’m happy to give a bit of joy to women and being part of the Body Positivity movement.

Minie Choco, complete fan of the brand:
Accepting yourself starts by getting items that make you feel good, beautiful and not as an outsider in a shapeless “thing”… Nadège and Nao Polewear helped me wear my first real pole outfit! She succeeded in making me wear a bodysuit, yes, me, the curvy one! Nao also helped me accept and embrace my body, that I used to hide before. When you have a bodysuit that is cute, you don’t want to hide it, seriously! Even when wearing XL!


Polehog – UK

The brand is based on 5 timeless styles for the shorts (boy short, cheeky style, cheeky hipster, brasilian cut and high waisted) with a solid racer back style for the top. These basics installed, you will have plenty of room for originality, with their fabrics of all kind and style. Have fun!

Sizes covered: XS to 3XL
Icing on the cake: has a dedicated men’s collection

Word from the brand:
Polehog believes no matter what size you are, it shouldn’t define what you can do or what you love! Anyone can fall in love with pole, so we wanted to create a brand that whether you’re a size 6 or a size 22 you can feel comfortable, confident and look good in your polewear.
We have built up a fantastic community who exchange about pole and post through FB their latest achievements without feeling judged or worrying.

Emma Collins, Brand Athlete Ambassador:
I would recommend Polehog to all ladies and gentlemen. Their sets are perfect in every way, really affordable for an amazing quality, and the customer service is out of this world: nothing is too small for them!
The sets are comfortable to wear and give great coverage and they even keep the boobs in place for the ladies. There are so many designs to pick from, there is definitely something for everyone. Their velvet range is just to die for!


Polerform – United States

With its inventive and colorful – sometimes psychedelic – prints, Polerform offers an original collection of pole shorts and sport bras. Universe and other pop colors are the best to prove your unique style on the pole!

Sizes covered: S to 2XL
Icing on the cake: custom size at no extra cost

Dajuan Kinney, founder of the brand:
We don’t charge extra for plus sizes. Our Small shorts are the same price as our 5X. Our goal here is to fit every poler no matter their size, or gender, and give them comfy and CUTE options for pole wear.

Eda Mardbury, Brand Ambassador:
I spoke to Dajuan and said that I would need a custom pair of shorts and how much would it cost? Dajuan came back and said that plus sizes are no additional charge. I was shocked. Not only were her shorts amazing quality, but I wouldn’t have to pay extra for being plus size!


Roly Pole-y Bum Wear – UK

As their name makes it pretty clear, you will find everything for your butt there! With their original fabrics and matching sets of all shapes and styles, there are plenty of possibility to make your bum the king of your pole class! So let it shine!

Sizes covered: 2XS to 4XL

Vanessa, body positive blogger and fan of the brand:
As a fat woman who loves to pole dance, it hasn’t been the easiest finding cute pole wear that’s both supportive and stylish. Roly Pole-y cater to all and have a range of styles to suit, and so many pretty fabrics! I love that my bigger boobs are contained and I can still flaunt all my curves knowing that everything fits me perfectly.


Wink Designs – UK

The must-have and basics for any pole collection (and believe me, we got quite an interesting one here at The Unicorn!). You will probably empty your bank account with their large choice of active wear, dedicated to Yoga, Pole or Gym! And a certainty: you will be sure to find what you’re looking for!

Sizescovered: XS (4 UK size) to XL (20-22 UK size)
Icing on the cake: has a dedicated men’s collection and offers custom products

Sarah McClymont, founder of the brand:
Wink offers glamour, and unique designs that not only look great, but stay in place, keep you dry and provide support where needed. We also propose made to order ‘bespoke’ items, which can be made in any colour and size including petite, tall, plus size, large bust and children’s sizes. We understand that we come in all shapes and sizes so ensure that no one will miss out on enjoying the comfort and style of Wink!

Emma Haslam, Brand Ambassador:
Wink Fitnesswear custom made my competition outfit 4 years ago after I struggled finding pole wear that fit. The clothing fitted perfectly and I ordered more outfits from them. Wink Designs are truly brilliant, great fitting and a great service!

Now that your banker hates us, we hope that you found your favorite pole clothes and that you’re ready to shine at your next pole class in those one-of-a-kind outfits!


And you, Unicorns, what are your favorite polewear brands?

About Drya

Drya is a French Berlin-based software engineer in music industry. She discovered pole dance in 2014, which became one of her numerous passions, alongside playing music, comedy, and writing. Feminist, body positive and anti-racism activist, she tries to make this world a better place particularly through her humanitarian association. Apprentice writer, she trains her voice at The Unicorn.


  1. HLDesigns-made to measure, perfect fit, no slips or riding up anywhere no matter how splitty or twisty the move may be. Lovely prints, huge choice of fabrics and designs and super quality. HLDesigns caters for all ladies, no matter what size or shape we may be. Hannah Dobson is wonderful to deal with, who goes the extra mile to meet her customers needs and requirements, I cannot recommend HLDesigns highly enough and they deserve to be on this list!

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