Pole has evolved and expanded in the last few years, and so have polewear brands. Many have appeared on the market, and there’s something for everyone, whether you like it minimal, covering, pastel or glittery!
And the only one to complain is our wallet! We want all the pretty things!
Far is the time when we had to do with regular sportswear or underwear, and that’s for the best!
So, big shout out to pole brands here! Thank you so much for working toward getting rid of these 4 malfunctions we’d like to see disappear from polewear!



1 – Not enough crotch coverage
Problem number one when wearing teeny tiny hotpants that leaves little to the imagination!  I know, I know, there are lots of options not to have your ladybits say hello when you split, but while I understand the need to take precautions during shows and comps with skin glue, hairspray, flesh-colored tape and whatnot, it’s awesome to just put on our pole shorts and not worry about what might or might not show up during training without resorting to an insane arsenal of ‘antiflap’ tools!.


Photo credit: Gemma Correl

2 – Not enough boob support
Big bumpers have a hard time finding support in polewear. Some brands have aimed their collections toward big busted ladies over the years, but the choice is still reduced and wearing a bra under our top is mandatory most of the time if we want to avoid thin straps digging in the flesh, boobs moving around or even death by suffocation at every inversion. But have you ever had an underwire dig in your ribs, trapped under the elastic band of your top? Yes, painful.
Thank goodness for polewear brands that have acknowledged this issue and offer great support and separation!.


Photo credit: Giphy

3 – Not enough bum coverage
As polers, most of the time we couldn’t care less about a gluteal fold popping right under our nose (I mean, your pole mates’ gluteal fold, but heh, if it’s yours, lucky flexy you!). But for some competitions that don’t allow any skin showing in that area, or when we just need/want the coverage, we’d be so grateful if our pants didn’t turn into a g-string, riding up in a woooonderful wedgie when they’re not supposed to!
Sunday bumday is one of the best things in the pole world, don’t misunderstand me! But unfortunately, there are people in this world that can’t see the beauty of a hungry bum! (totally staggering, right?!).


Photo credit: Ebay

4 – No sizing outside of S/M/L
Okay, this one’s not really a malfunction, more of a frustration haha!
While it’s true that it’s common sense to stick to the most standard sizes when a market is considered niche, there’s now a market for a wider range of sizes so please spare us the heartbreak of realising that we have a crush on an outfit that doesn’t exist for our measurements, or worse, that it’s a ‘one size’ only!
Fortunately, more and more brands are now understanding that pole bodies don’t start at S and don’t stop at L. But not all…
We want all the pretty things, we said!


Ah, polewear brands, we love you so much! Even more when you take these needs into consideration! More choices means more pretty things to buy – yay!

What other malfunctions have you noticed that we haven’t covered?

Which polewear brands offer the most support and comfort? Let us know in the comments below!


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