Everyone loves a compliment. It can brighten your whole day and add a little bounce to your steps!

But while a ‘you look great!’ or a ‘nice shoes!’ is always welcome, us polers are that strange breed that enjoy a very different type of positive words!
So, if you have a pole dancer in your life and want to make them feel good, check out these 5 compliments pole dancers absolutely love to hear!


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1 – Nice ass!
Hey, thanks! That’s probably the one we prefer, because we’ve worked so hard to get this peach so firm! Squats, pole climbs, intense twerking, you name it: training stung, and we’re glad you noticed!



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2 – Look at those biceps!
You’re a doll! So nice not to hear ‘you look like a man’! Body positivity and aknowledging that women can have muscle too is the way to go, you got it right!



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3 – It must take skills to walk with those heels!
That’s the variant of ‘nice shoes’ we love the most! Yes, it takes skills to walk and dance with 8 inches, thank you for rewarding all those twisted ankles!



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4 – You’re so strong!
Hell yes we are! We love to show off our pole power because it still amazes us too, what our body can do! And not only on the pole! You never thought we’d carry a whole trunk of groceries in one trip, did you?



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5 – You’re so bendy/flexible!
Hours of stretching to get our splits, a bendy back, nail that spatchcock… and you gawking at our needle scale is just an added bonus!


See, you don’t need flowers to make us feel loved (but you can still offer some, if you insist… 😉 ), and if you have a hard time picking a compliment among those above, just use the ultimate one: ‘you’re a unicorn!’, it sums up everything in the list!

And you pole unicorns? What’s your favourite one in this list? What did we forget?


About Kei

Kei is a Paris-based freelancer (writer, editor, proofreader, translator, web redactor, community manager and coach for writers). She discovered pole dance in 2013, and has mixed her passion for writing with it since then, publishing numerous guest posts on various pole dance blogs. Besides pole dancing, she loves playing bass, creating websites, cooking (vegan!) and being a crazy cat lady. You can find more about her and her work at : http://www.cloudbusting.fr


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