As pole dancers we are always after the one thing that will help us improve our skills, and good news! If there’s one thing that works in that area, it’s cross training!
Yes, pole dance is a very complete activity that works every muscle group, but it’s not always about that: a different way to sollicitate your muscles can all at once help you go past that plateau you’ve been hitting for weeks, develop new muscle memory, and, depending on the type of exercise you decide to add to your weekly schedule, it can even inspire your style as a dancer!
So, why not pick one among those 5 sports that can make you a better pole dancer?



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This one’s quite obvious, because pole dance takes muscles. Of course, you don’t need to have some to start, because pole dance will give them to you, but after some time, weight training can make you progress faster, since many tricks require a good amount of strength.

* pros: increases strength
* cons: no cardio


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Muscles are not everything though, and while ballet get them working for sure (in a different way, but ballet spells core muscles like nothing else!), a few other things will be required for pole: fluidity, a sense of movement and rhythm, and… the pointes! And what’s better than ballet to give you all of that?
Combining weight training and ballet is probably the best combo for pole dancers eager for improvement!

* pros: increases fluidity and musicality, cardio, pointes, flexibility
* cons: none!


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Just like pole dance, crossfit solicits all of your muscles during the different workouts, with the added bonus of cardio, unlike weight training alone for example. If you like a challenge (and we know you do, pole dancing is one!) and doing something new everyday, this one’s for you!

* pros: increases strength, cardio, pushes you past your limits
* cons: none!


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As polers we’re used to pull our body up on the pole using arms and legs, so you won’t be too much out of your element if you pick rock climbing.
It also takes self control, thinking ahead, both of which are good assets for competition!

* pros: increases strength, self control, anticipation
* cons: ruins your hands as much as pole!

5 – SEX!

If you think it’s not a sport, you’re doing it wrong!
Why not take a look at our Pole Dancer’s Kamasutra article for some inspo?
But remember, this one shouldn’t give you bruises, just hickeys! (and bites, and maybe a few scratches…)

* pros: do we really need to say it? haha!
* cons: your legs might be a little wobbly afterwards!


So, have you picked the sport you’ll soon add to your schedule?
Do you already cross train? What sport did you choose?
Tell us in the comments!


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