Studios open all around the world, more and more girls and boys get addicted, the high prices not even deterring the users of this new hardcore drug on the market: pole dance.

The Unicorn addresses the issue, and reveals to you the 5 reasons why you come back for more once you got a taste of this hardcore drug!



Do you remember your first pole lesson? This first time you had the bar in your hands, this feeling of letting go, flying… You came back real fast to another lesson, then two, then the annual subscription! Don’t deny it, pole dance got you addicted in no time, we know that, we’re there with you!
Unable to wait for another fix, the next lesson never comes fast enough, withdrawal starts tingling, and you end up buying your own pole. And there it is, in your living room now, ready for consumption, anytime… you’re done, no hope for pole junkies!



Soon enough, you start talking about pointes, splits, tricks… but mostly: lines! And that becomes an obsession: you get ready, you warm up, you dance til your head is spinning, and you make lines, lines and lines again. Your body always wants more, and here you are, in front of your mirror, with your lines… you tell yourself that you need to stop, but no, just a little more, it’s so beautiful, a clean line!


Photos credits: Stephanie Leigh, Rachel Shute, Michelle Jones, Ellie Picking (thank you ladies!)


Your loved ones can see a change in your appearance very fast, because like every hardcore drug, pole dance has obvious side effects on your body: bruises, scratches, calluses, impossible to hide all of that! So you massage, you take warm baths, you try to cover it with your clothing as well as you can, but it’s useless, it starts to show, and questions about your state begin to arise.
You know it though, it hurts, it stings, it burns, you even try to take a day off, but you can only think about one thing: get back to it, despite the pain.



First comes obsession: you’d rather binge watch Youtube videos of your favourite poler and push it onto all of your friends than watch Rambo 19 with your significant other/family on the couch (if they’re lucky, you’ll sit next to them with your laptop), then you discover Facebook groups about pole and you make lots of pole friends, and it ends up with an invitation to Sunday lunch at you mother-in-law to which you reply: “I can’t, I’ve got pole!”.
Without knowing it, you live pole, you eat pole, you sleep pole. And you speak pole. Me, I even write pole, that’s where I’m at… Bad, right?


Photo credit: Kei


Yes, like any addiction, pole dance is very, very expensive. And the highway to hell begins: Pleasers, glittery outfits, grip, home pole, lessons… your bank account empties faster than a running unicorn, and soon your banker calls to remind you that owning 15 of the same outfits in different colours is not a necessity, and that you’ll have to calm down because your credit card is melting after getting churned so much!
“Pleaaaase, just one more pair of shorts! It’s the last one, promise!” you say with your fingers crossed behind your back!


You got it by now, rehab is out of reach, there’s no way out: pole dance is a hardcore drug, and we have no desire to stop!


How long have you been a pole addict? How did you get hooked on that drug? Tell us in the comments!


About Kei

Kei is a Paris-based freelancer (writer, editor, proofreader, translator, web redactor, community manager and coach for writers). She discovered pole dance in 2013, and has mixed her passion for writing with it since then, publishing numerous guest posts on various pole dance blogs. Besides pole dancing, she loves playing bass, creating websites, cooking (vegan!) and being a crazy cat lady. You can find more about her and her work at : http://www.cloudbusting.fr