It’s common knowledge that us poledancers are after activities that can help with our pole dancing and flexibility skills! Yoga, weight training, classical dance… whatever it takes! Some polers even work on their middle splits while reading or squat while brushing their teeth!

So why not take this to the bedroom (or any place you like to have a little naughty fun, really), and heat your training up a notch with these 5 sex positions that can improve your pole dancing? (You can google them if you don’t see what they are, because I can’t put explicit pics as you can understand!)
But don’t forget the foreplay… oops, warmup!


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Let’s take it easy at first with a good ol’ missionary! Your partner is doing all the work, or so you think! Stretch those legs and work that middle split! And if you’re in the position of the partner, why not flex those biceps and do some pushups? Your shouldermount will thank you for it!

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This one’s a fav because you can improve your pole dancing in so many ways with it! Okay, that’s not the only reason it’s a favourite for many men and women, but let’s not derail or this post will end up X rated!
The most obvious thing you can do while engaged in doggy style is stretch your shoulders, but if you feel inventive (well… that might lead to new sensations, you never know!), try a little cat-cow pose! Okay, you might look a little ridiculous, or your partner might wonder what exactly you’re doing, but a poler’s gotta do what a poler’s gotta do…

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Trade the Pleasers for your cowboy boots ladies (or gentlemen, this post works for everyone!) because you’re in for a ride! Put those quads in action and jump in the saddle, and don’t skimp on the squats, if you want to be ready for your next Sunday Bumday pic!


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Another relaxed one where you can take it a little easier, lazily laid on your side with your partner in your back, cuddled against you… Grab that knee to your chest, or extend your leg and pull it as high as you can, whatever fits your level of flexibility!


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Get creative with this one! Bend forward and touch your toes for a good hamstrings stretch, grab your leg for a standing split to train for your eagle pose, put your hands on the wall to stretch your wrists… so many options! You don’t have to take it to ballerina level for it to be effective, don’t worry!

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.I know I know, there are SO many other positions worth using in the bedroom!

Let us know about your trials, and tell us if you managed to improve your pole dancing this way! (or maybe you just had a good laugh with your partner, but either way, it was worth it, wasn’t it?)


And remember, at the end, pointing your toes is optional, because training for pole dance in the bedroom might lead to severe toe curling!


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