We’ve said it, thought it or heard it at least once: I can’t pole dance, I’m too – insert comment about body here -!
Whether it’s too curvy, too skinny, not strong enough or whatever can fit in the above field, there’s this misconception that you need to be a certain way to start pole dance.
And that’s so wrong! You have a body? (well yes, like all humans haha!) Then you’re made perfect for pole, because that’s the only mandatory criteria!
All body shapes have different advantages or bring a certain type of difficulty, but that’s what it’s all about: being perfectly imperfect (and proud of it!).

I’m too skinny!
Well girl (and boy!), then, you’re a lightweight and will have no difficulties to lift yourself up the pole! A bit of strength training in the biceps area and soon you’ll be up that pole!


I’m too curvy!
You know what? Those extra love handles are going to stick to the pole! All polers are after a good grip so a little extra cushioning is great!


credit: Giphy

I have no muscles!
No muscles? No core? No worries!
Although you do need a bit of muscle for flexibility training, you won’t have overworked traps/hamstrings getting in the way of your progress!


I don’t look good in pole wear!
What?? Of course you do! There’s an outfit for every poler! Whether you need support for your tatas or would love a little padding for your B cup, whether you like it cheeky or full gluteal fold cover, we’re so lucky to have all those amazing pole brands now!
The only downside I can find is… I want all the clothes! (and my banker doesn’t agree!)


We could go on for long, couldn’t we?
So, Unicorns, please please please, never ever say anything bad about your body, because it’s amazing! Yes, pole dance will change it, shape it, make you work muscles you didn’t even know existed, and make you more aware than ever that this wonderful machine feeds on self love!

But it’s not about losing weight, gaining muscle or looking a certain way, no. Pole dancing is about accepting what you have for a start, and loving all the steps you’ll take with that beautiful you!


A BIG thank you to all the wonderdul unicorns that sent pictures our way!
Title picture is (from left to right): Carla Maile, Dani Dickerson (photo by Image Cella), Kelly Lyne,  Shyllo Wright, Aileen Garcia (photo by Don Curry).

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About Kei

Kei is a Paris-based freelancer (writer, editor, proofreader, translator, web redactor, community manager and coach for writers). She discovered pole dance in 2013, and has mixed her passion for writing with it since then, publishing numerous guest posts on various pole dance blogs. Besides pole dancing, she loves playing bass, creating websites, cooking (vegan!) and being a crazy cat lady. You can find more about her and her work at : http://www.cloudbusting.fr

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